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Increase awareness of brain development science among legislators to reduce punitive measures and lengthy sentencing for young people, focusing on upcoming legislation in WA and PA.

Revisit state sentencing laws, including early release mechanisms and the availability of parole and clemency. Each state has different barriers, challenges and processes. Given the campaign’s direct connection to Washington, our request to bring back parole nationwide will start in Olympia, as we build a coalition of partners already involved in this issue.

Amplify and scale prisoner-initiated programs focused on academic achievement and emotional well-being, which can reduce recidivism rates and increase chances of a fulfilling life after release. 

How You Can Help

To learn more about TEACH and Kimonti Carter visit:

  • School

  • Community Center or Organization

  • Correctional facility (Adult/Juvenile)

  • Place of worship

  • Legislature and Legal Organizations

  • Public Health Centers

Discussion Guides

Use our discussion guides below to create honest, meaningful, and action-oriented conversations after watching the film.

Black men are almost six times as likely to be incarcerated as white men and Latinos are almost 2.5 times as likely.

Impact Stories

Angela Davis spotlights Since I Been Down during her keynote address Behind Bars: The Increased Incarceration of Women and Girls of Color.

Director Gilda Sheppard leads panel discussion at 2021 Washington State Supreme Court Symposium.

Multi-faith Dialogue for a more humane justice system.

International Black Film Festival: Q&A with Gilda Sheppard and Tonya Wilson.

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